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The file upload service is here to assist pepole who are interested in uploading content to the Battlestar Wiki Media repository, but require assistance in doing it.

What is it?

The file upload service is for those who are either uncomfortable or technically unable to upload content to the wiki directly, but still wish to contribute.

What essentially occurs is the contributor sends images, video or audio to a representative of the upload service. This can be via e-mail or postal mail, depending on the size of the project.

The good thing about it is that you will get credit for providing the files.

What will the upload service do?

The upload service provides the following services:

  • Scans pictures, etc.
  • Transfers audio from a cassette source to a digital format.
  • Uploads bulk files that you send via e-mail.

How do I use it?

Contributors who wish to use the upload service can contact the representatives listed below, either via e-mail or through their user talk pages.


Those who can help you import your files to the Media repository include: