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This template is designed to effeciently help create templates. This template usually is not independent, but dependent on being placed inside another template. Though this template can be used on an audio file, it is highly recomended that you use the sub templates. However, this template does not provide categorization of audio files. That is still done on the audio tags. (View Examples) This template does not exclude you from documenting the templates as well. Each template should be well documented. This doucmentation will show you these things.

  1. The required and optionial paramaters of this templates
  2. How to use it inside another template
  3. Current templates using this template.

Master Usage

{{Master audio BW
 | type=
 | episode=
 | cepisode=
 | season=
 | series=
 | clip time=
 | recorder=
 | es=
 | de=

Template Example

The template demotrated here is a simple one − {{Mp3 SBW RDM audio}}

{{Master audio
 | type= mp3
 | series= rdm
 | episode= {{{episode|}}}
 | cepisode= {{{cepisode|}}}
 | season= {{{season|}}}
 | clip time={{{clip time|}}}
 | recorder= {{{recorder|}}}
 | es= {{{es|}}}
 | de= {{{de|}}}
 | ces= {{{ces|}}}
 | cde= {{{cde|}}}