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Image: Adamacivies.jpg

Caption: Obi-Wan teaches Luke the ways of the Force... Oh, wrong show.

Image: LPOG1 - Athena Viper Training Simulator.png

Caption: Athena in a Viper training simulator (TOS: Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I).

Image: MOTRS - Changing Room.png

Caption: Inside of a locker room on Rising Star, where Ortega changes into his uniform and checks his laser pistol before being slain in "Murder on the Rising Star."

Image: Osiris Hangar Bay.png

Caption: Hangar deck of battlestar Osiris from the First Cylon War (Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome).

Image: Anders.jpg

Caption: Samuel Anders watching people play Pyramid.

Image: Cylon centurion model 0005.jpg

Caption: The schematics of the old Cylon Centurion Model 0005 Model.

Image: Armistice Station Critically Damaged.jpg

Caption: "And so it begins..."

Image: Parachute.jpg

Caption: Starbuck and Apollo in their gear.

Image: Borellian Nomen.jpg

Caption: Borellian Nomen: Striking fear into the hearts of people like a scorpius (The Man with Nine Lives).

Image: Cylon Centurion New 001.jpg

Caption: Highly efficient Cylon killing machine.

Week 20 - 29
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