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BSG WIKI Proposed Policy.png This is a proposed policy for Battlestar Wiki Media.
This non-policy is considered by the community and its leadership is to be considered for the status quo of Battlestar Wiki Media, though changes to it can be discussed on the appropriate talk page.

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This is a listing of all the policy's on this Battlestar Wiki Media and what a policy can enforce. Please note that many projects can be considered policies because of their unique ability to set formal recomendations, in a project form, and not in policy form, which is not updated as often. (i.e. Battlestar Wiki Media:Standards and Conventions is a project, but is enforcable.)

What is a Policy?


Project-Policy pages on Battlestar Wiki Media take the form of something that tons of people work on. However, sometimes certain projects can also be policies. This can get confusing. Those projects, though marked with the {{Project}} tag, could still fall under this page's rules and guidelines. It all depends on the project's goal when trying to determine if it is a legitimate project-policy page. Even though anyone can create a project, the mere creation of a policy page does not make it an official policy. It still has to go through the policy procedures to become an official policy. A current listing of project-policy pages that are also official policies are listed below.


A policy on Battlestar Wiki Media is a document that was created to set procedures or to make an "official" act based on what is needed for this Wiki. Some of the policies might be the same (i.e. Battlestar Wiki Media:Candidates for deletion vs Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion) but still have some slight changes in the wording and procedures for operating. The reason for this is because Battlestar Wiki Media has a relatively small number of users in comparison to Wikipedia's user base of 100,000+.

Steps to getting a policy consensus

If you create a policy and you are looking for consensus, make sure that you follow these steps before proceding. Note: When you are creating a policy, make sure you have the {{inuse}} template active on the top of the page, so people know you are working on your policy. Project-Policy and Policy pages should only exist on the Battlestar Wiki Media namespace.

  1. Place the {{Proposed Policy}} tag on the top of the page.
  2. After saving, go to the talk page and press the "edit" button.
  3. Insert the {{subst:PPV}} template, and press save.
    • Go back and edit the places where you need to fill in the reason
  4. Edit the talk page, giving a reason why you believe the proposed policy should be an offical policy.

Voting lasts for two weeks. Support from 80%+ of voters is required after the two weeks to become offical policy. Major changes should not happen during the voting time. Anytime their are significent changes top the proposed policy based on the debate in the talk page, the voting shall restart.

Without consensus

Only the site admin, Joe Beaudoin, can make a policy official/active without consensus. All other policy recomendations must pass through consensus.

Active Policies

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Proposed Policies

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Propsed Policies for Removal

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