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This is to tag Caprica episode images that come from iTunes downloads. All the fields are lowercase. The example output shows it with the full options.


{{Caprica iTunes download screencap
 | episode=
 | cepisode=
 | season=
 | timestamp= 
 | scaled=
 | cropped=
 | es=
 | de=

Output Example

iTunes Capture iTunes screen capture

The re-imagined Battlestar Galactica (de) (en) (fr) spin-off, Caprica, Season 1 episode "Caprica pilot".
The timestamp for this image is unknown. Please supply the time index for this capture.
iTunes captures are in anamorphic widescreen, with a native resolution of 320 by 176 pixels.
This is defined by the website/computer that it came from.
This image has been unaltered from its original dimensions.
Date Information on "Caprica pilot"

Required parameters

  • season: The season number. Presently 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  • episode: The episode name.

Optional parameters

  • cepisode: The episode display name to display a unformatted name.
  • aspect: Please make sure the image's aspect ratio is correct, and mark this field with "yes" if it is.
  • scaled: If the image has been scaled down from its original dimensions, please mark this field with "yes". Otherwise, leave it blank.
  • cropped: If the image has been cropped from its original dimensions, please mark this field with "yes". Otherwise, leave it blank.

Language parameters

  • If anyone is set with a value to it's article, a language bar will form to show all the language links.
    • de: German episode article name.
    • es: Spanish episode article name.
    • fr: French episode article name.
    • tr: French episode article name.
    • zh: Chinese episode article name.
      • Add the var cLANGCODE in the front if the article name has disambiguation title. (i.e. The Hand of God (RDM) vs. The Hand of God (TOS))
| de= The Hand of God (RDM)
| cde= The Hand of God