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This is to tag original Battlestar Galactica images that come from NTSC DVDs. All the fields are lowercase.


{{TOS NTSC DVD screencap
 | episode= 
 | timestamp= 
 | scaled=
 | cropped=

Output Example

NTSC DVD NTSC DVD screen capture

The original Battlestar Galactica (fr), Season 1 (en) episode "The Hand of God".
This capture is copyright by Universal Studios. Use of it here is believed to be fair use.
The timestamp for this image is unknown. Please supply the time index for this capture.
DVD only in fullscreen.
The horizontal dimension of this image must be scaled to 853 pixels for aspect ratio purposes.
This image has been unaltered from its original dimensions.
Date Information on "The Hand of God"

Required parameters

  • season: The season number. Presently 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  • episode: The episode name.

Optional parameters

  • cepisode: The episode display name to display a unformatted name.
  • aspect: Please make sure the image's aspect ratio is correct, and mark this field with "yes" if it is.
  • scaled: If the image has been scaled down from its original dimensions, please mark this field with "yes". Otherwise, leave it blank.
  • cropped: If the image has been cropped from its original dimensions, please mark this field with "yes". Otherwise, leave it blank.

Language parameters

  • If anyone is set with a value to it's article, a language bar will form to show all the language links.
    • de: German episode article name.
    • es: Spanish episode article name.
    • fr: French episode article name.
    • tr: French episode article name.
    • zh: Chinese episode article name.
      • Add the var cLANGCODE in the front if the article name has disambiguation title. (i.e. The Hand of God (RDM) vs. The Hand of God (TOS))
| de= The Hand of God (RDM)
| cde= The Hand of God